Duas Section:

Khutbat e Imam Hussain a.s

01 address governor of medina
02 answer to marwan bin hakam
03 at the grave of holy prophet (saww)
04 second visit to the grave of holy prophet (saww)
05 reply to umer atraf
06 answer to the wife of holy prophet (saww) hazrat um e salama (sa.)
07 answer to muhammad hanfiya
08 will of hazrat imam hussain (as)
09 at the time of departure from medina
10 address when entering makkah
11 answer to abdullah ibn umer
12 letter to bani hashim
13 letter to the residents of basra
14 letter to hazrat muslim ibn aqeel (as)
15 speech in makkah
16 suggestion of abdullah ibn abbas and its reply
17 answer to abdullah ibn zubair
18 answer to muhammad e hanfiya
19 answer to abdullah bin jafar
20 reply to the suggestion of frazdak
21 suggestion to camel riders
22 letter to the residents of kufa
23 on the way to kufa
24 answer to hazrat zainab (sa)
25 address at salbiya (part 1)
26 address at salbiya (part 2)
27 address at salbiya (part 3)
28 address at shakook
29 address at zabala
30 address at batn e aqba
31 address at sharaaf
32 speech to the army of hurr
33 answer to hurr
34 address at beiza
35 answer to abu haram at raheemia
36 answer to tarna bin adi and his companions
37 answer to obaidullah ibn hurr jaafi
38 answer to umro bin qais
39 speech near karbala
40 speech upon arriving in karbala
41 speech after reaching karbala
42 letter to muhammad bin hanfiya
43 reply to ibn e ziyad letter
44 conversation with umer ibn saad
45 address on the night before ashura
46 message of bravery
47 bequest to his sisters
48 recitation of holy quran on shab e ashoor
49 dream of imam in shab e ashoor
50 ask for help through patience and salaat
51 supplication of imam on the morning of ashoor
52 imam s 1st speech on the dayof ashoor
53 imam s 2nd speech on the day of ashoor
54 imam s curse
55 another conversation with umer ibn saad
56 answer to umro bin hajaaj
57 speech to companions before the start of the battle
58 reasons for the wrath of god
59 conversation on the martyrdom of companions
60 speech to mother of abdullah ibn umair
61 conversation with abu somama
62 address to saeed bin abdullah hanafi
63 address to umro ibn qarzata
64 speech after the zohar prayer
65 address on the martyrdom of habib ibn mazahir
66 supplication for yazid ibn ziyaad aka abu shasa a kundi
67 address to hurr ibn yazeed riyahi
68 address to zohair ibn qain
69 address to hanzala bin shabami
70 address to saif Bin haris
71 address to jon
72 address regarding umer bin janada
73 on the martyrdom of hazrat ali akbar as
74 address to aalay abi talib
75 on the martyrdom of hazrat qasim ibn imam hasan (as)
76 on the martyrdom of hazrat ali asghar as
77 on the martyrdom of hazrat abbas as
78 on the martyrdom of hazrat abdulla bin hasan as
79 at the farewell to his family
80 in the battlefield
81 last message from the battlefield
82 last munajat of imam hussain as